Introduction to Pistol Basics/Kentucky Concealed Carry (Deposit)

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This is a $25.00 non-refundable deposit towards a $85.00 course. $60.00 is due upon arrival to course.

This introduction to Pistol Basics/Conceal and Carry Deadly Weapons class is designed for the new or beginning shooter in mind.  It covers the basics that are essential to know if you own or carry a pistol.  We begin with the basics of pistol ownership, safety, and care and work our way through shooting stances and techniques before finishing the day on the range.

Although this class is a basic introductory course, it has been approved by the Kentucky State Police's Concealed Deadly Weapon section has approved this course for issuance of a Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon permit.  Upon successful completion of the class you will be issued a certificate that will allow you to obtain your Kentucky CCDW license. 


Our Introduction to Pistol Basics/CCDW classes consist mostly of classroom instruction, with a practical exercise that consists of  qualification on a firing range. These classes include basic marksmanship, safety training, and the student will qualify with their handgun.  

Students will be required to bring a handgun and 50 rounds of factory new ammunition (no reloads are allowed).    

If you do not currently own a handgun we have them available, just message about using one for the class.  If you have your own handgun we also have ammunition packages available.  Please message or call for further info.  

Eye and ear protection are mandatory for the live fire portion, and will be provided.  If you have personal safety glasses or ear protection that you prefer to wear, please bring it.  Prescription eye-wear is acceptable for use as protective eye-wear.  

Please dress comfortably and be prepared to shoot outdoors. 

Classes will only be canceled for extreme weather circumstances.  In the rare event of weather that renders shooting outdoors unsafe, the class reservation fee will be refunded.

These classes begin at 10 am on the chosen date in Lawrenceburg KY. Classroom and range address will be sent prior to class date. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.