Advanced Pistol 1 Deposit

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This is a $25.00 non-refundable deposit towards a $75.00 course. $50.00 is due upon arrival to course.

This deposit secures you a spot on the range for small group instruction that is geared to the advancing pistol shooter.  This class picks up where basic classes leave off, building off the assumption that you have either completed our introductory course or have equivalent skill levels obtained elsewhere.

These classes are dynamic and conform to your skills and abilities.  Class will begin at 10 am and last until approximately 3-4 pm and will be held at our Baxter Ridge range.  

Topics covered include: 

-fundamentals review

-overcoming malfunctions 

-reloading: emergency and non emergency

-shooting from and using cover/concealment 

The goal of this class is to increase your comfort  and skill levels, better preparing you to survive a deadly encounter.  You will build speed, accuracy, and confidence.  

You will need to bring a serviceable handgun and (if available) 200 rounds of ammunition.  It is recommended but not required that you bring a serviceable holster as well as any other carry methods (purse, fanny pack, etc) that you routinely carry your firearm in. 

*****Ammo is currently expensive and hard to find-If brining 200 rounds isn't possible please contact me.  I can make adjustments to the course to acommodate you during these difficult times.*****

It is also recommended that you bring a tent chair and your own eye and ear protection.  (Eye and ear protection provided, but most students prefer to bring their own). Dress comfortably and be prepared to shoot on a grassy surface.   Long pants and a shirt that fits snugly around the collar are recommended to protect you when in kneeling or prone firing positions. 

The total tuition for this class is $75, with the remainder being due upon arrival for the class.

If you don't see a date listed or don't see one that works for you, please contact for more info or to discuss setting up a small group class.