9MM Canyon Elite Rope

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MAXIM® Canyon Elite is the high-end rope for extreme canyoneering tours. It features a dry treated nylon core with a cover of polyester blended with revolutionary materials Technora®.

Engineered for canyoneering, this rope also lends itself well to the saddle hunting industry.  It is light, flexible, and durable.  It is perfect for lineman's ropes, tethers, and SRT/single rope climbing and rappelling. 

Canyoneering presents one of the most extreme conditions that a rope can be put through. Ropes that do not absorb water are a lot easier to handle and last longer. To strive for this level of performance, MAXIM offers the higher end Canyon Elite. This rope is available in two versions. One features a blended Technora® and polyester cover over a dry treated nylon core. The Technora® fiber adds an extreme level of abrasion resistance and therefore makes the rope perfect for the most demanding uses. The other version consists of a nylon core with a polyester cover. With Canyon Elite there is no limit to your  experience!

Sold by the foot.  Enter the number of feet desired and the rope will ship as one continuous piece that matches the number of feet ordered.  

• Endura DRY treatment in the core
• Technora® in the cover for very high abrasion resistance
• Ideal for the harsh conditions of canyoneering

• Type: static kernmantle rope
• Core: nylon (polyamide)
• Cover: Corona - Technora®/polyester
• Braid: 32