Prussic/Nylon Accessory Cord

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TEUFELBERGER and NEW ENGLAND ROPES Nylon Accessory Cords feature a 100% nylon kernmantle construction that has been designed, engineered and manufactured with the same exacting specifications and attention to detail as our dynamic climbing ropes.

These Nylon Accessory Cords are perfect multi-purpose lines that can be used as an anchor equalizer rope for the creation of balancing anchors or self-equalizers. In addition, these accessory ropes help you to keep your personal items off the ground by stringing accessories like chocks and nuts and tying down gear. They even work perfect as a decorative accessory for packs or other gear. There is no limit to what these accessory cords can be used for.

Sold by the foot.  Enter the number of feet you want and it will ship as one continuous piece of rope. 

• Versatile anchor rope
• Great for stringing accessories
• Perfect for tie-downs or lashings
• Helps you way to keep personal items off the ground
• Supple and easy to knot
• Made of 100% abrasion resistant nylon
• UV resistant
• Small amount of stretch so they are less static than our Polyester Cords
• Small and lightweight enough to carry with you for unexpected situations
• Excellent for making safety or emergency bracelets and belts.
• Nylon Accessory Cords are not certified for rappelling, belaying or as a climbing rope.

• Core: nylon (polyamide)
• Cover: nylon (polyamide)
• Braid: 12

Made in the USA! These cords are proudly made by expert crafts men and women in Teufelberger’s US facility located in Fall River, Massachusetts